Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few common questions. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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Why do sellers and buyers sign a contract with you?

I work with clients that I have a fiduciary responsibility to. A fiduciary's responsibilities are both ethical and legal. When you sign a contract with me I am legally required to act in your best interest. I am promising to first and foremost have your benefit in mind.

I want to buy but I don't know where to start. 

Not a problem, that's why you hire a professional like me. After our consultation, I will get you in touch with any services you need to help you along the way. I only partner with other industry professionals that will give you the same level of service that I give. Schedule an appointment so we can get started. 

I want to know what is going on in my neighborhood!

Excellent! I send out a monthly newsletter via email that I would love to add you to. Please send your city and name to


What if I'm not ready yet, but just want some information?

Fantastic, I will help my clients in any way possible. It is a process to get ready for a big change like moving. I understand! It is normal! Trust me, I have my PHD in moving. Any information I can share with you to ease your mind, I will. If you would like to sign up for a market update of your neighborhood to be delivered to you regularly please send your address to

What if I sell my house and can't find something to move into?

If the house exists, I will find it. That is a promise I give to my clients. I prospect daily for buyer's and sellers by calling, doorknocking, mailings and networking events. I know what is on the market and what is coming. Again, if it exists, I will find it. I find every client a home.